Partner Expands Market Reach with Software-plus-Services Approach

Genexis Consulting, a Microsoft® Registered Partner, offers custom software solutions in the areas of mobility, Web, infrastructure management, and design. To enhance its solutions’ value and to improve flexibility and overall user experience, Genexis increasingly uses a software-plus-services approach. Genexis has seen a trend toward these flexible solutions, leading to its increased growth and revenue potential.

Solution Developer Delivers Software + Services Payment System That Fits the Bill

Microsoft case study on Mint Wireless and Genexis Consulting on Software + Service architecture.

Genexis builds business social platform using microsoft live technologies

SosoNetwork - business review portal where consumers can locate, rate, and get feedback on local businesses.

What technologies are used on SoSo Network?
SoSo Network is based heavily on Microsoft's Windows Live technologies.

- Virtual Earth
- Windows Live ID
- Windows Live Search
- Windows Live Alerts
- Windows Live Spaces
- Windows Live Contacts
- Windows Live Messenger


Frank Arrigo from Microsoft Australia Blogging about our very own TwitterEarth
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